Tom Crawford

Location: Indianapolis

Hometown: Mooresville, IN

Specialty: Piercing artist

Tom is a father of eight. His passion for piercing blossomed as he worked through an apprenticeship. From there he decided to open Body Language Tattoo near his home in Indianapolis, then Muncie. He has hired artists he finds trustworthy, and hopes to see them grow in the environment that Body Language offers. Tom enjoys riding motorcycles, watching Indy sports, and spending time with his eight (!) children.

Mr. Bill

Location: Indianapolis

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Specialty: Traditional, black and grey work

I am an artist with a deep appreciation for tattoos who has been fortunate enough to combine these two passions into a career that I love. I am always striving to better my skills and learn new techniques, styles, and methods. I have a talent for fixing/covering bad tattoos and restoring older tattoos to their former glory. As an owner and artist who takes pride in my work, it is very important to me that all of our customers have a great experience and leave with body art they love and are proud of. In addition to my tattoo work, I do a lot of painting and drawing and enjoy many different forms of art. I enjoy spending time with friends and family and have what some would call a slight obsession with Doctor Who. 


Location: Muncie

Hometown:  Indianapolis, IN

Specialty: Watercolor, traditional, neotraditional, linework

Cody attended Ball State University twice, receiving a BS in Physics and an MA in Technology Education before pursuing a career in tattoo art. Cody specializes in watercolor, dotwork, fineline, traditional, and neotraditional tattooing and tends to lean toward colorful and precise pieces. 


Location: Muncie

Hometown:  Indianapolis, IN

Specialty: Piercing technician

Spencer grew up in Indianapolis and spent much of his free time at the Indy shop throughout high school. He then attended Ball State for art before starting his piercing career. He is also working on an apprenticeship for tattooing. 


Location: Indianapolis

Hometown:  Indianapolis, IN

Specialty: Tattoos / Piercings 

Timmie has been tattooing in and around Indianapolis since 2004, with trips to Chicago and Washington DC he has made his rounds and has experience in our industry. Specializing in small color work and traditional. He is also an experienced piercer, get in touch with him today to book your next appointment.


Location: Indianapolis

Hometown:  Indianapolis, IN

Specialty: Blackwork, fine line work, geometrical, dotwork, traditional 

Chrissy has been tattooing for about 6 years and has been working with other art mediums all her life.  Although she obtained her BS in psychology, tattooing and art have always been her real passion. "Never stop creating, never stop building. But most importantly, never stop learning. If you lose the desire to better yourself as an artist, you pretty much lose the right to call yourself one." She also emphasizes the importance of customer experience and professionalism in her work and strives to build lasting relationships with all her clients while constantly improving her craft. 


Although she remains open and willing to work on all styles of tattoo art, Chrissy has found fine line and dotwork to be her personal favorite and specialty. 

Chrissy has had charcoal and acrylic pieces featured in various art exhibits and she still does commissioned work upon request. She and her husband spent 6 months exploring the east coast of the US, and they look forward to sharing her passion for travel, music, and art with their new daughter very soon!

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